The corporate culture

The core of corporate culture: Houde distant, Zhi Shanchao (CHO) more

Enterprise mission: to promote the development of China special rubber.

Enterprise vision: to create the first brand of Chinese special rubber

Enterprise value: progressive rise, sharing weal and woe, grateful, Chengda world

Enterprise task:

With good corporate culture edification,

Guiding the people with correct values,

Unite people with a common life,

Imbue them with sound management system,

To product quality and quality service,

With a grateful heart to give back to society.

The enterprise with the view of man: is the value of action

Employees work style: unity, pragmatic, efficient, perfect

Employing the concept: "after three leave":

A career, dawdle please go left;

Leave, refined refined people please go;

Hold position of left, trying to please;

Personal development: your life become what appearance, depends on your own.

Product value: high standard, high efficiency, zero negligence

Employee personal positioning: you just run


Earnest and sincere: foundation of our cause

Sensitive and Rui: our professional pulp

The real and the new: our performance of

A total of in: our team will

Code of conduct:
Benedict and sincere
1, faithful to customers, sincere service, responsible for what.
2, focusing on the common cause, keep on carving, persevere.
3, honest communication, straight. We oppose and resist any mutual slander and conflict behavior.
4, loyal to the enterprise employees is a valuable employee, care staff leadership is valuable leadership.
5, we abide by business ethics, disdain Yingyinggougou, only in this way can concentrate for customers to do a good job.
Sensitive and Rui
6, sharp eyes, Minda thinking, what opportunities, hole candle.
7, found the problem immediately, a hand quick.
8, more work stress, high quality acceleration.
9, reasonable through comprehensive and unique wisdom, Hui Hui people, has, Master up to oneself。
And the new
10, we with empirical, combat, actual effect principle.
11, with the strength to speak, speak with performance. Nominalism and solid CD, only to learn and use.
12, creation is the life, our enemy is follow the beaten track, be content with staying where one is, extremely arrogant.
13, through our system, team learning and reference, the realization of cluster knowledge integration, to achieve innovation and beyond the target.
A total of in
14, we think, is the crystallization of the wisdom of the consulting work team, ensure the quality of consultation must play a synergistic effect.
15, our happiness is to share the achievement with the customer, share the success with the team, jointly improve to achieve customer, team, individual value.
16, as long as there is capacity, each member can do we "wild goose", we are willing to let the trust partner to replace oneself.
17, we continue to forge ahead on the new, into, any people and things can't let us give up on the common pursuit of the cause.
18, we believe that, as long as the intentions and efforts, without what impossible.
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