Photo by PJ Caña Note: This is the prologue of a novella By Paul John Caña   “Dearer to me than a host of base truths is the illusion that ex...

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Casual Affairs

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By Reg Tolentino   Like at First Sight   You were the first thing I’d look for in the morning, the last thing I’d hold at night, the silent part...

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A Tribute to Spectacles

Metroplex Manila_black

Illustration by Michael Gegenfurtner Note: This is the Prologue and First Chapter of a planned novel By Michael A.R. Co   In Upside up is up, In Upsi...

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Metroplex Manila


By Paul John Caña “Journalism is printing what someone else doesn’t want printed; everything else is public relations.” The truism, often attri...

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It’s All PR